Star Wars costume porn: Princess Leia Organa edition

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Execute order 66.

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Back cover art for Star Wars: Darth Plagueis
by Torstein Nordstrand

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“As a kid, I read a lot of science fiction. But instead of reading technical, hard-science writers like Isaac Asimov, I was interested in Harry Harrison and a fantastic, surreal approach to the genre. I grew up on it. Star Wars is a sort of compilation of this stuff, but it’s never been put in one story before, never put down on film. There is a lot taken from Westerns, mythology, and samurai movies. It’s all the things that are great put together. It’s not like one kind of ice cream but rather a very big sundae.” — GEORGE LUCAS

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Star Wars GIF Meme [xEight Quotes “If so powerful you are, why leave?”.

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Requests [x] | The Jedi Temple Battle.

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The Apprentices of Darth Sidious

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